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We thought you might like to hear how our graduates feel about joining the IntegraDev team. Who better to explain what it's like at IntegraDev?

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  • The best thing about working at IntegraDev is the culture of learning from experience. This provides me with an environment where I feel confident to take responsibility for my work. The support I've been receiving from my colleagues at IntegraDev is amazing, making settling into the workforce much easier. At IntegraDev I'm recognised, my opinions and suggestions are valued and taken into consideration by my peers no matter how long I have been working here or how big the projects are. This keeps me motivated and allows me to thrive in such a positive environment. Khanh
  • The best thing about working at IntegraDev is how fairly everyone is treated. I'm still given challenging work regardless of what my skill level is in comparison to more experienced devs. I collaborate with people that have been programming longer than I've been alive and they don't treat me any lesser for it. If there is something I don't know it's treated as a learning opportunity. Chelsea Completed a 12 month placement during her degree and returned full-time in January 2018
  • From a graduate's perspective the best thing about IntegraDev is the amount of support, encouragement and learning opportunities that is given to developers working here. As a graduate I was provided with extensive training by experienced developers that have an exceptional understanding of the system and a vast amount of programming knowledge. This allowed the transition from my university studies to working in the industry to be smooth and effortless. Mick
  • Working at IntegraDev has provided me with countless opportunities to expand and improve my skill set. There are plenty of interesting and challenging problems to solve, and people with different viewpoints or experiences are valued. Working here has made me a better developer and professional. Jonah
  • As a graduate, the best thing about being at IAD are the people you'll meet. Folks here are fun to get to know, from the sporty and technical, to the artistic and geeky. This human connection between teammates, and between teams, is perhaps the sweetest gift IAD provides. Because of this, we treat each other with respect and a great deal of trust.

    It is a environment where you can improve your craft while receiving the support of many. You can expect to receive the training, support, and projects to challenge yourself, do the right thing for those around you, and take that step forward with confidence.
  • From a graduate's perspective the best thing about IAD is how easy it was for me to transition from university to work life. The diverse environment filled with very experienced developers provided me with ample training to start my career. The supportive learning environment continues to keep me challenged whilst sharpening my soft and technical skills. At IAD, my thoughts and ideas are valued and I have the opportunity to collaborate on projects that have a direct positive impact to the users of our system. It is this combination of a supportive growth culture, and the ability to contribute to meaningful projects that makes working here a great experience for me. Yazad
  • From a graduate's perspective the best thing about IAD is the culture of continuous improvement. It shows in the support and learning opportunities offered to developers, as well as the constantly improving development process. I really appreciate how every developer, however junior or senior, is always enabled and encouraged to ask questions, give feedback, and bring new ideas to improve the work that we do. Jonathan